Relative Value Studies, Incorporated (RVSI) invites you to participate in an electronic survey to help ensure equitable reimbursement. You can play an important role in developing the relative values that you use in your practice.

The relative values developed by RVSI are based on a survey process, using five criteria to judge practice resources in order to establish relative value units: time required, skill required, risk to the patient, risk to the provider and severity of the problem (e.g. emergent, acute, chronic, etc.). The criteria are not weighted, as this could skew the relative value. For example, if time were limited to only ten percent of the final value, lengthy procedures could be undervalued. Surveys and independent sources used by RVSI show that practitioners are consistent in their assessment of relative value when they consider all five criteria. Practical experience is the best measure in evaluating the services and procedures health care providers frequently perform and/or feel qualified to evaluate.

If you have a National Provider Identification Number (NPI), you can participate by filling out a survey. Please take this opportunity to incorporate your experience and knowledge into our relative values.

Let your voice be heard by clicking the link below and following the instructions.

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